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Our Farming Values

We strive to provide nutrient dense and delicious produce to our customers. We accomplish this by focusing on using healthy growing practices, which starts with the quality of the soil; ensuring that it has the proper nutrients and organic matter. Attention to these details, results in nutrient dense, high quality produce for you and your family.

All produce at our farm is grown using organic methods. We want to provide you with the best and freshest items available while also giving you a wide variety of produce. To do this, we might, on occasion, supplement your shares with produce from nearby farms. In this case we will only use produce from farms that follow organic growing methods.

detroit urban farm vegetables

Farmer's Market & CSA Program

You can also find our produce outside of our neighborhood in Central Detroit. We have a stand at various area farmer’s markets, please see the list below. Produce can also be purchased through our CSA program. Through this program you receive a weekly box of a variety of produce from the farm. For every 2 people who sign up for our CSA program one family in our neighborhood will receive a weekly subsidized box of produce. We’d love for you to be a part of our CSA program.


For more information check out our CSA Page.

detroit youth in garden

Youth Education & Employment

The employment opportunities at Adamah Farm give youth in the neighborhood a path to success by providing valuable experience working in a professional, yet youthful environment. This opportunity allows teenagers to begin to find their talents and passions, and we love to play a part in showing them they have worth and purpose. Adamah Farm also provides environmental and culinary education for children in our after school program and summer day camp. This education teaches and encourages kids to observe and think critically about the world around them while also teaching them the importance of finding fun and affordable ways to eat healthy.

detroit produce

Neighborhood Healthy Food Access

Adamah Farm provides access to affordable, high quality products through Peaches and Greens, a neighborhood produce store, and through supplying subsidized produce boxes. We also love to allow neighbors to come and glean excess produce from the farm on their own, and build relationships with them.

Other CDC Food Businesses:


Central Detroit Christian CDC was founded in 1993 when a coalition of pastors agreed that the community would experience a greater impact with a unified effort. 

In the course of meeting our mission, Central Detroit Christian CDC provides numerous youth programs, employment training and placement, business development, housing renovation and counseling and even provides for direct needs. Through EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT, Central Detroit Christian CDC strives to transform individuals to be caring, confident people while transforming the community to be a place of Shalom.

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